Our Environment

Our Bright Star Building Boasts Many Exceptional Features That Set Us Apart!

Our Indoor Amenities

Dazzling hand painted murals grace the walls with beautiful custom printed carpet and flooring to create a space that is bright, inviting and exceptionally child friendly.

Our Little Bright Stars will enjoy:

Bright, beautiful, spacious Eco-Friendly classrooms with everything at a child’s height and perspective. Learn in an environment filled with educational materials, toys, games and an abundanceof natural light to enhance enchanting murals designed in appreciation of our planet earth.

Under-The-Sea Library and Computer Lab

Develop computer skills on Apple computers in a magical library filled with an extended collection of children's literature, games and a 300-gallon fish tank

Rainbow's End Art and Animal Science Studio

Combine art and nature for exceptional hands-on learning! Nurture artistic talents with painting, drawing and sculpture, and learn firsthand how to care for exotic pets from around the world.

Shooting Star Movie Theatre, Dance Studio and Drama Stage

Bring educational programs to life on a big screen movie projector. Here your little star can explore their expressive talents on a drama and dance stage complete with costumes and props.

Outer Space Themed Indoor Playground and Lunar Moon Sand Corner

Nestled at the center of the school is a fantasy space playground for those days when Mother Nature just won't cooperate, featuring an amazing indoor sandbox for digging and play

Farmer Fields Organic Cafeteria

Whether it's time for snack or a complete lunch, our on-site chef prepares delicious, nutritious and child-friendly meals featuring a variety of fresh organic foods.

Mother Nature’s Nursing Nook

Hide away in a cozy, warm and private nook where bottle-feeding parents and nursing moms can spend some quiet time bonding with baby before work or in the middle of a hectic day.

Life Outdoors

Our landscaping is complemented by lush green spaces. Explore the "Ocean," take a safari in the "Jungle," cross the "Desert," splish splash in the "Lily Pad Water Play Pond," or learn and grow in our organic garden! Our "Green" themed playgrounds are built primarily from recycled materials.

opening summer 2010