The Bright Star Philosophy

Our philosophy at Bright Star Academy Schools is to provide a safe, healthy learning environment with the best possible care and teaching to each individual child.  Through a balance of emotional, social, communicative, creative, physical and cognitive activities, we place an emphasis on the development of the whole child.  We believe that when given the opportunity, encouragement, nurturing and guidance, the child will develop a sound foundation for a successful future.

Our Mission and Five Star Commitment to You

Our Mission and Five Star Commitment to You is to provide children with a warm, loving, eco-friendly atmosphere that promotes exploration, language, critical thinking, questioning and discovery.  Our professional, well trained staff encourages the learning process through hands-on experience and play, by offering a wide assortment of educational materials and toys in child centered areas.  The school is devoted to the whole child by creating an engaging learning environment that supports their uniqueness and individuality. 

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opening summer 2010