Infant: Our Tiny Stars (6 weeks to 18 months)

Your baby’s Bright Star journey begins in our Tiny Stars classroom. Our loving and nurturing primary caregivers want you to feel confident in leaving your little one. Rest assured that experienced, caring, well-trained teachers are tending to your baby’s every need. We believe strongly in continuous care and realize each baby is unique and individual in their development. Our desire is to assist, but not replace the love and care that is given by each baby’s family.  Outstanding care starts with strong parent/caregiver communication.   Our Tiny Stars curriculum goals mirror our commitment to providing exceptional early learning experiences for your little one. We are committed to providing exceptional early learning experiences for your little one and are excited to be a part of your baby’s bright future!

Our Tiny Stars Curriculum Goals

Math and Manipulative

mango monkey
“Mango” the Monkey
  • Imitating rote counting up to three
  • Participating in counting rhymes
  • Recognizing basic concept of more
  • Exploring shapes and colors in the environment
  • Exploring how objects move and fit in the environment.

Communication and Literacy

“Petunia” the Polar Bear
  • Using motions
  • Gestures and sounds to communicate
  • Responding to sounds in the environment
  • Imitating sounds
  • Building an understanding of simply vocabulary through daily interactions
  • Sharing pictures and picture books with caregiver

Sensory, Science and Technology

“Airy” the Astronaut
  • Using senses to explore environment
  • Tracking movement of objects within the environment
  • Exploring simple cause and effect relationships
  • Uncovering toys that have been hidden.

Art, Music and Dramatic Play

“Rainbow” the Armadillo
  • Enjoying in musical experiences through gestures and movement
  • Beginning to explore with paints and other materials to create marks

Health, Large and Small Motor Development

“Lunar” the Dolphin
  • Exhibiting body awareness
  • Gaining control of arm, leg, and body movement
  • Sitting and pulling up with and without support
  • Grasping objects.

Social and Environmental Studies

“Tundra” Turtle
  • Recognizing family members’ faces
  • Observing others and imitating sounds, facial expressions, and sounds
  • Showing preference for certain objects
  • Recognizing common places such as home and school

Curriculum and Care

Our infant curriculum recognizes the extraordinary brain development that is occurring at this early age.  Weekly themed lesson plans with hands on activities help to provide a sound foundation for the development of your baby. Through a series of sensory experiences, including items for your infants to see, hear, touch, smell and taste our caregivers are able to support each child’s learning experience individually.  Our Tiny Stars quickly learn that they can count on their caregiver to provide undivided one on one attention through rocking, holding, cuddling and eye-to-eye contact, while making sure that tummies are full, and bottoms are dry. Language development is an essential component of your babies care. Our caregivers are consistently engaged in conversation with your little one.  Referring to them by name, repeating their sounds, singing songs and reading books are only a few of the ways our teachers reinforce language growth. American Sign Language is also an intricate part of how our caregivers communicate with your baby. Studies show sign language allows communication long before your baby is old enough to speak and can reduce tantrums, build vocabulary and enhance confidence. For your convenience detailed reports are emailed to you daily and provide information on your child’s sleeping, eating, diapering, mood and developmental activities.

Our Tiny Star Interactions

Our Tiny Stars  grow at an amazing rate. Our qualified teachers understand that the first years a child’s life is a time when lifelong brain connections are made and they provide opportunities for these connections to occur by:

  • Building  a trusting relationship and bond with their primary caregiver
  • Creating consistency in care between home and school allowing each baby to set their own schedule
  • Providing a stimulating environment that allows babies to feel safe, warm and secure
  • Purposefully planning daily routine interactions to nurture and develop language
  • Provide one on one stimulation and allow open exploration of surroundings
  • Utilizing daily Parent Reports to help ensure the partnership between home and school

Exceptional Environment

The under the sea ocean themed classroom provides a serene surrounding for our Tiny Stars. Bright beautiful patterned carpets with enchanting wall murals, natural lighting, soft music with an assortment of educational toys and equipment are only the beginning of what makes our infant environment exceptional. Our no shoe policy helps to eliminate germs and maintain a sanitary atmosphere for our floor exploring babies. Individual cribs, dressers and car seat storage, separated by a tempered glass see through half wall, create an ideal space for napping babies. A large play area, child height windows, internal blinds, changing stations that face play areas and a separate eating space equipped with an eco friendly dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer and microwave all featuring touch-less faucets, soap, paper towel and hand dryers help to complement the outstanding care provided to our babies.

opening summer 2010