Pre-K: Our Super Stars (4 to 5 year olds)

Our super star room is all about taking it to the next level. Our Super Stars love being independent learners.  They feel good about the things they can do, show self-confidence, and are willing to try new adventures.  Our Bright Star Growing Up Green curriculum goals ensure that our Super Stars are ready to succeed and excel in kindergarten.  Teachers use the Bright Star monthly themes to plan purposeful lessons that deepen our Super Stars’ understanding of academic skills and concepts.  Through exploration, investigation and play children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are needed to succeed in kindergarten, school and life.  Our main objective is to building a bright environment that not only stimulates but provides a sound basis for accomplished learning! Proficiency, autonomy, self confidence and a deeper awareness about community and conservation provide refined social skills for our super stars elementary years.

Our Super Star Curriculum Goals

Math and Manipulative

mango monkey
“Mango” the Monkey
  • Counting
  • Recognizing numerals
  • Adding and subtracting concrete objects
  • Defining a pattern
  • Extending and creating patterns
  • Developing vocabulary to describe how objects are alike and different
  • Sorting by more than one characteristic
  • Graphing data
  • Developing and using spatial vocabulary
  • Using correct vocabulary such as sides and corners when discussing shapes
    E xploring halves and fourths
  • Measuring the passage of time
  • Measuring objects
  • Identifying coins

Communication and Literacy

“Petunia” the Polar Bear
  • Recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds that they make
  • Creating print as a form communication
  • Identifying first and last name in print,
  • Writing first name
  • Building vocabulary including descriptive and action words
  • Generating rhyming words
  • Following multi-step directions
  • Using verbal and non-verbal language to communicate for a variety of purposes
  • Identifying main characters in a story
  • Retelling a story in own words
  • Making predictions about a story based on title and pictures

Sensory, Science and Technology

“Airy” the Astronaut
  • Participating in science investigations
  • Using vocabulary to compare objects’ height, length and weight
  • Explaining cause and effect relationships
  • Identifying the five senses
  • Describing the life cycle of insects, plants, and humans
  • Describing habitats of animals
  • Exploring parts of plants and the food that they provide
  • Investigating how surfaces affect objects in motion
  • Describing how weather affects our lives
  • Exploring space
  • Comparing land features
  • Using technology resources to problem-solve, communicate, and illustrate
  • Learning appropriate technological vocabulary
  • Manipulating the mouse to perform simple tasks
  • Using key components of keyboard

Art, Music and Dramatic Play

“Rainbow” the Armadillo
  • Experimenting with a variety of instruments, vocal sounds, and materials for sensory experiences and creation of original works of art
  • Creating music/movement and original works of art that represent feelings, ideas, or personal experiences
  • Participating in group musical experiences to familiar songs, poems or chants
  • Participating in dramatic play peers by creating and assigning roles, using props and gestures to mimic real world situations

Health, Large and Small Motor Development

“Lunar” the Dolphin
  • Exhibiting spatial awareness
  • Walking and running with control and balance
  • Jumping and climbing
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Using fingers to manipulate a variety of materials
  • Tracing and cutting small shapes
  • Making letters using correct form and pencil grip
  • Understanding the importance of personal hygiene
  • Understanding that our bodies need nutrients to remain healthy
  • Recognizing safe and unsafe behaviors

Social and Environmental Studies

“Tundra” Turtle
  • Identifying and appreciating similarities and differences in basic social groups
  • Identifying members of extended family and their various roles
  • Recognizing and appreciating traditions and languages of other cultures
  • Identify various roles within the community
  • Discussing and prioritizing basic wants and needs
  • Recognizing the symbols of American heritage
  • Participating in voting
  • Beginning to understand yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Sequencing more than three events
  • Discussing homes as a source of shelter
  • Exploring how personal actions affect the environment
  • Developing a basic understanding that parts of a system work together
  • Using creativity and imagination to think of new ways to use old objects
  • Becoming aware of waste and personal usage

Curriculum and Care

Our pre-kindergarten curriculum focuses on preparing your child for elementary school.  We have effectively integrated the 10 domains of learning outlined in the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, in our classroom.  Those domains include; Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy – Reading, Emergent Literacy – Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, Technology. Emergent Literacy is cultivated, by giving children the opportunity to have experience with books, words and numbers.  In addition support of fine motor development, is critical to the writing process.  Our classroom is labeled with written words as well as pictures helping children to recognize letter make up words and words have meaning.  Children are encouraged to put their thoughts on paper, whether it be through making a sign for the building they made in the construction center, making a menu to order from in dramatic play, writing a thank you card to a friend or a note to a parent.  Bright stars are supported in their efforts to build lasting friendship and understanding the dynamics of socially acceptable behaviors.  Small group activities allows for more individualized interactions, supporting each child at their level.  Each success your bright star has will build their self-esteem and encourage them to reach for the sky; growing more competent and confident. Teachers conduct authentic assessments on a daily basis to target the individual child’s needs preparing them for elementary school.

Super Star Interactions

Not only does our Super Star program prepare your child for elementary school academically, but it also supports growth and development in social and emotional areas.   Below are some of the many ways that our degreed teachers will meet your child’s individual needs:

  • Building a trusting and communicative relationship with teacher and peers
  • Creating an environment in the classroom and school that supports autonomy and freedom
  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics of socially acceptable behaviors
  • Developing a positive sense of self confidence and self awareness
  • Refining self help skills
  • Low Ratios For More Individualized Attention
  • Weekly Foreign Language
  • Weekly Music & Tumbling Program
  • Authentic assessments on a daily basis to target the individual child’s needs preparing them for elementary school

Exceptional Environment

Our Desert themed beautiful classrooms have patterned carpets, enchanting floor and wall murals, natural lighting, and eco friendly amenities that create an exemplary learning experience for your Pre-Kindergartner. These two spacious classrooms provide large learning centers full of educational toys and equipment for children to rotate in during our star centered curriculum activities.  Child height toilets, sinks, drinking fountains, windows, tables and chairs, separated cubby areas, classroom closets to store sleeping cots, internal window blinds, touch-less faucets, soap dispensers, paper towels and hand dryers help to create an exceptional learning atmosphere.

opening summer 2010