Preschool: Our Shining Stars (3 to 4 years old)

Our Shining Stars are full of wonder and spend their time observing and exploring the world around them.  They love to play with words and language.  Because preschool children are moving into cooperative play, the classroom centers are designed for small groups of children to interact and refine their social skills. Fostering foundational skills to allow preschoolers to expand their horizons and seek out information by exploring new territory in a supportive secure environment is our number one goal.  Our teachers understand that they learn through repetition and provide a variety of hands on learning activities that allow children to practice and master our Shining Star curriculum goals. 

Our Shining Star Curriculum Goals

Math and Manipulative

mango monkey
“Mango” the Monkey
  • Counting
  • Recognizing numerals
  • Exploring sets of manipulatives to develop an understanding of more/less
  • Understanding what a pattern is
  • Extending and creating simple patterns
  • Developing vocabulary to describe how objects are alike and different
  • Sorting by size, shape or color
  • Developing and using spatial vocabulary
  • Finding and naming shapes in the environment
  • Exploring halves
  • Measuring the passage of time
  • Measuring objects with manipulatives
  • Identifying pennies and nickels

Communication and Literacy

“Petunia” the Polar Bear
  • Recognizing letters of the alphabet
  • Exploring the role of print
  • Identifying first name in print
  • Exploring the beginning stages of writing
  • Building vocabulary including descriptive and action words
  • Identifying rhyming words
  • Following two-step directions
  • Using verbal and non-verbal language to communicate for a variety of purposes
  • Identifying main characters in a story
  • Retelling a story in own words
  • Identifying beginning and ending of a story

Sensory, Science and Technology

“Airy” the Astronaut
  • Participating in science investigations
  • Using vocabulary to compare objects’ sizes and shapes
  • Exploring cause and effect relationships
  • Identifying the five senses
  • Describing the life cycle of caterpillars and flowers
  • Describing habitats of animals
  • Exploring plants and the food that they provide
  • Investigating how objects are put into motion
  • Describing how weather affects our lives
  • Identifying objects in the daytime and nighttime sky
  • Describing simple land features
  • Using technology resources to problem-solve, communicate, and illustrate
  • Learning appropriate technological vocabulary
  • Manipulating the mouse to perform simple tasks

Art, Music and Dramatic Play

“Rainbow” the Armadillo
  • Experimenting with a variety of instruments, vocal sounds, and materials for sensory experiences and creation of original works of art
  • Creating music/movement and original works of art that represent feelings, ideas, or personal experiences
  • Participating in group musical experiences to familiar songs, poems or chants
  • Participating in dramatic play alone or with peers
  • Using props and gestures to mimic real world situations

Health, Large and Small Motor Development

“Lunar” the Dolphin
  • Exhibiting spatial awareness
  • Walking and running with control and balance
  • Jumping and climbing
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Using fingers to manipulate a variety of materials
  • Tracing and cutting shapes
  • Beginning to make letters in large spaces
  • Understanding the importance of personal hygiene
  • Understanding that food is a need
  • Recognizing safe and unsafe behaviors

Social and Environmental Studies

“Tundra” Turtle
  • Identifying and appreciating similarities and differences in basic social groups
  • Identifying members of immediate family and their various roles
  • Recognizing and appreciating traditions and languages of other cultures
  • Identifying various roles within the community
  • Discussing basic wants and needs
  • Recognizing the American Flag
  • Beginning to understand yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Sequencing up to three events
  • Discussing homes
  • Beginning to see how personal actions affect the environment
  • Developing a basic understanding that systems are made of parts
  • Using creativity and imagination to think of new ways to use old objects
  • Becoming aware of waste and personal usage

Curriculum and Care

Creativity blossoms in our Shining Stars’ classroom.   Art, dramatic play and music area are extremely popular, with Shining Stars practicing skills, trying new things and using their imagination. Our Shining Stars are moving into cooperative play, so the classroom centers are designed for small groups of children to interact and refine their social skills. Everything is child sized, to support our Shining Stars journey to independence.  Our well trained teachers are setting the pace for confidence providing self reliance with a safety net. Fostering foundational skills to allow preschoolers to expand their horizons and seek out information by exploring new territory in a supportive secure environment is our number one goal. Bright beginnings develop and grow opening a whole new world for our shinning stars achievements!

Shining Star Interactions

Our Shining Stars are striving to be independent yet they still want the security and support of their caregivers.  Our teachers understand how to create an environment that balances the two as it supports growth and development in social and emotional areas.   Below are some of the many ways that our qualified teachers will meet your child’s individual needs:

  • Building a trusting and communicative relationship with teacher and peers
  • Creating an environment in the classroom and school that supports autonomy and freedom
  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics of socially acceptable behaviors
  • Developing a positive sense of self confidence and self awareness
  • Refining self help skills
  • Low Ratios For More Individualized Attention
  • Weekly Foreign Language
  • Weekly Music & Tumbling Program
  • Authentic assessments on a daily basis to target the individual child’s needs preparing them for elementary school

Exceptional Environment

Our Arctic themed bright beautiful rooms with patterned carpets, enchanting floor and wall murals, natural lighting, and eco friendly amenities create an exemplary learning experience for your preschooler. These two spacious classrooms provide large learning centers full of educational toys and equipment for children to rotate in during our star centered curriculum activities.  Child height toilets, sinks, drinking fountains, windows, tables and chairs, separated cubby areas, classroom closets to store cots, internal window blinds, touch-less faucets, soap, paper towel and hand dryers help to create an exceptional learning atmosphere.

opening summer 2010