Toddler: Our Rising Stars (1 to 2 year olds)

Our Rising Stars are on the move and eager to learn how things work.  Through the support of our loving, caring teachers, this new curiosity can flourish a completely new world of opportunity and growth.    Our caregivers strive to provide a positive influence by being someone the child can count on and interact with under careful supervision and direction. This is a time of transition, a time that can be both exciting and emotional.  As a toddler’s world expands, new skills, vocabulary and knowledge are needed.  We work closely with family and toddler to make the transition as smooth and consistent as possible keeping in mind that every child’s leaning abilities and development are unique and individual. Sleeping on cots, weaning off bottles, exploring new table foods and following a classroom schedule are some of the many exciting changes your toddler will experience. Our Rising Star curriculum goals support teachers as they provide daily activities and routines to support our toddlers’ ability to navigate and interact with their expanding world.   We want you to know that we are dedicated to providing your little one with a bright foundation for a lifetime of happy learning.

Our Rising Star Curriculum Goals

Math and Manipulative

mango monkey
“Mango” the Monkey
  • Imitating rote counting
  • Participating in counting rhymes
  • Recognizing basic concept of quantity
  • Beginning to name basic shapes and colors
  • Repeating simple patterns with support
  • Developing vocabulary to describe an object’s size
  • Matching objects
  • Developing a sense of self in relationship to the environment
  • Beginning to understand sequence of daily events

Communication and Literacy

“Petunia” the Polar Bear
  • Using sounds and words to communicate
  • Building vocabulary by participating in conversations about daily events and play
  • Answering simple “yes” or “no” questions
  • Following one step directions
  • Listening to short stories
  • Participating in simple rhymes and songs
  • Speaking in simple two or three word sentences
  • Discussing simple pictures

Sensory, Science and Technology

“Airy” the Astronaut
  • Using senses to explore environment
  • Making observations
  • Describing objects
  • Exploring simple cause and effect relationships
  • Developing vocabulary to name weather, animals, and other common objects
  • Using simple words to ask questions about the environment

Art, Music and Dramatic Play

“Rainbow” the Armadillo
  • Participating in musical experiences through gestures and movement
  • Producing music with simple instrument and singing songs
  • Clapping hand to familiar music
  • Using a variety of tools to make marks
  • Participating in a variety of tactile/sensory experiences
  • Engaging in pretend play with or without peers

Health, Large and Small Motor Development

“Lunar” the Dolphin
  • Exhibiting body awareness
  • Beginning to change speed and direction when walking
  • Bending at waist
  • Climbing in and out of objects
  • Copying simple body movements
  • Stacking large blocks
  • Working large puzzle pieces
  • Beginning to use scissors
  • Crumbling paper
  • Dumping and pouring
  • Beginning to handle eating utensils appropriately
  • Eating a variety of food
  • Indicating wet or soiled diaper with words or gestures
  • Washing and drying hands with assistance
  • Participating in putting on clothing

Social and Environmental Studies

“Tundra” Turtle
  • Recognizing family members’ voice
  • Knowing first name
  • Identifying possessions of others
  • Showing interests in peers by including them in play
  • Referring to friends by name
  • Participating in family and classroom routines
  • Following rules with assistances
  • Helping in simple clean-up routines
  • Recognizing appropriate places to discard trash
  • Recognizing and responding to objects in environment
  • Using natural objects for play.

Curriculum and Care

Our Rising Star curriculum provides individual and small group activities with a lot of flexibility and mobility.  Having a teacher near the children at all times and during all activities provides a stable learning environment for positive play and interaction.  Our Rising Stars will find many developmentally appropriate toys and games that make noise or change in appearance as making things happen is a real thrill! The changes in our Rising Stars physical abilities and communication skills are staggering. Seeing your little ones mobility transition from crawling to walking is exciting and opens many new doors to ones leaning awareness. Our sign language continues to flourish and grow allowing amazing communication between caregiver, child and piers. In addition, basic introduction of simple Spanish words opens early understanding and recognition to our bi lingual enrichment program. Redirecting attention away from inappropriate behavior , praising positive behaviors, teacher modeling and working together with friends are only a few of the social skills your growing toddler will experience. For your convenience detailed reports are emailed to you daily and provide information on your child’s sleeping, eating, diapering, mood and developmental activities. Weekly themed lesson plans provide child initiated, teacher directed, hands-on activities introducing math, science, circle time and environmental studies to your toddlers’ world.

Our Rising Star Interactions

During this time of transition, it is important that our Rising Stars be provided with a learning environment that encourages exploration and mobility.  Our teachers are aware of this need and strive to create an environment where your child’s social and emotional development is nurtured.  Below is a sampling of the many ways this is accomplished.    

  • Building  a trusting relationship with their teachers
  • Continuing the use of Sign Language to encourage communication
  • Creating a safe and secure environment allowing open exploration and independence
  • Introducing structured activities in small group centers
  • Successfully  transitioning from infant to toddler abilities i.e. taking single naps, sleeping on cots, eating table food, drinking from sippy cups, and participation in group activities
  • Utilizing daily Parent Reports to help ensure the partnership between home and school


Exceptional Environment

Our ocean themed classroom creates an underwater world like no other featuring two bright beautiful rooms with patterned carpets, enchanting floor and wall murals, natural lighting and eco friendly amenities. These rooms are filled with an assortment of educational toys and equipment in our star centered curriculum areas where children can rotate between the two rooms allowing larger space for learning and exploration.  Child height sinks, drinking fountains, tables and chairs, separated cubby areas with half height tempered see through walls, classroom closets to store cots, internal window blinds, changing stations that face play areas and a separate eating area equipped with an eco friendly dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave all featuring touch-less faucets, soap, paper towel and hand dryers are only a few of the unique features that complement our amazing care.

opening summer 2010